Ozan Musluoğlu

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Born in Germany, Ozan Musluoglu started playing bass guitar at the age of sixteen. He graduated from the Music Department at Bilgi University in Istanbul. During his studies he has participated in many workshops with well known bass players like Marc Johnson, David Friesen, Dominique Lemerle and Robert Balzar.

For many years he was bassist of the successful band Athena, with whom he recorded albums and toured both nationally and internationally. The band represented Turkey in the 2004 eurovision Song Contest where they placed fourth.

Ozan Musluoğlu enthusiastically released his first album “Coincidence” under the Recbyjazz label in February 2009.

On the same year Ozan finished recording his second album “40th Day” consisting of his original compositions. The musicians of this album released under Equinox Music Label-May 2011 are:
Jeremy Pelt, voted rising star on the trumpet 5 years in a row by Downbeat magazine; JD Allen on tenor saxophone, Danny Grissett on piano and Darrell Green on drums.

His third album “My Best Friends Are Piyanists” also released under Equinox Music 2012, featured the talents of twelve of Turkey’s most renowned pianists.

In addition to a very busy gigging schedule, Ozan Musluoglu is the full time bass player for the TRT (Turkish National Television) Jazz Orchestra, conducted by one of Turkey’s most respected and seasoned musicians, guitarist, clarinetist and composer Kamil Özler.

He also produces and presents a weekly jazz radio program called “Jazz Hour” on the TRT National Radio channel every Friday at 7pm.

He continues to perform at several national and international jazz festivals.

Kaynak : http://ozanmusluoglu.com

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